Salame Casing

Traditionally, salame has been made with natural beef casing. When we started out we used beef casing, too. Hukki is a collagen-coated mesh.  The Hukki casing is more hygienic and it performs far better (than beef casing) during the fermentation and drying stages.  It’s also easier to peel, and unlike natural beef casing, it leaves behind no residue.


Salame Wrapper

While the methods and recipes that we use to make our salame are hundreds of years old , our packaging employs the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure that our salame does not become too dry (we don’t want to give your jaw a workout). After months of research we sourced a unique dual-layer material imported from Germany. The outer layer is unbleached parchment wrapper, while the inner layer is a barrier film that keeps the salame in a controlled atmosphere within the package.

Inside, though is where the technology is brought to bear. Each package is flushed with oxygen-free air (composed of two inert gases).  Because all oxygen is flushed out, there is no further oxidation, thus protecting the salame’s flavor and texture. Because the pouch is airtight, the salame does not continue to dry beyond its optimal state.  Due to this superior packaging system, our salame is shelf-stable for nine months in a cool environment.


Whole Cured Meats

All of our whole cured meats are sealed in clear, airtight Cryovac® film for optimal durability and product integrity.